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ALLO SPARKY quad core CortexA9 SBC

ALLO SPARKY quad core CortexA9 SBC

ALLO launching SPARKY a quad core A9 Single Board Computer eager to please its master!

SPARKY is not only more powerful than other SBCs, but it also offers a higher number of interfaces such as USB 3.0, IR, HDMI, USB 2.0 and more.

What sets SPARKY apart is not only its price, but also the wide range of add on boards called SHIELDs such that turn this SBC into a full fledge product.

Very affordable Quad core starting at 40€ excl. Tax yet very powerful CPU, the ALLO SBC has what it takes to make your project work!

You can add on to SPARKY a:

  • Camera, touch screen LCD, telecom board, Amplifier board, DAC (digital analog converter), Wifi/BT, eMMC for extra storage and more…
  • Samples are available, contact us for more info

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