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Announcing the New Yealink SIP-T40P VoIP Phone

Yealink SIP-T40P VoIP Phone

The new SIP-T40P from Yealink features high-quality audio and an easy to install VoIP phone. Yealink Yealink’s newest SIP T40P is ideal for call centers, call shop and open-plan offices with easy installation and enhanced security protocol. Three SIP lines keys, programmable dual LED buttons 802.11af Power over,  Dual Ethernet Port, offers Optima HD Voice, EHS support for wireless JPL X-400, Plantronics or Jabra DECT headset makes the phone to an affordable functional phone with high demands on design and simple, secure voice encryption, making it perfect for small to medium-sized enterprises.

All these essential features with high-end functionality and cost-effective VoIP telephony makes it easy for any business to a simple telephony. This phone is compatible with standards-based phone systems such as Asterisk 3CX, Askozia and pascom mobydick and other SIP-based hosted server.

Learn about new Yealink SIP phones by contacting VoIPDistri.com European VoIP Warehouse by phone: (49) 5201 to 730030 or email: info (at) VoIPDistri (dot) com.

VoIPdistri.com Voice over IP Warehouse is the leading specialist reseller of VoIP phones, phone systems, conference systems and network devices. We deliver to small businesses and SME companies to provide reliable VoIP and network solutions, we have everything in stock. Our trained customer service team (no call center) makes professional customer service to our entire range of telecommunications and support them in any problem.

The latest addition to the Yealink Ultra-elegant VoIP Phone range goes on sale Start and is available for purchase at the following link: http://shop.voipdistri.com/VoIP-phones-IP-DECT/SIP-Phones/Yealink/Yealink-SIP-T40P-VoIP-Phone.html

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ADDASOUND Nature Bluetooth Headset with PERFECT SOUND QUALITY: CVC dual-mics noise cancelling + Echo cancelling  technology ensure clear sound transmission / Wind proof function reduces wind noise effect / A2DP support displays stereo sound / Apt-X support provides CD class sound / Over-the-head design prevents leakage sound

ADDASOUND Nature Bluetooth Headset with PERFECT SOUND QUALITY: CVC dual-mics noise cancelling + Echo cancelling technology ensure clear sound transmission / Wind proof function reduces wind noise effect / A2DP support displays stereo sound / Apt-X support provides CD class sound / Over-the-head design prevents leakage sound


ADDASOUND was established on 29th June 2012 in Nibe, Denmark. With an ambition to change the sound of the world, ADDASOUND takes on board electro-acoustic experts from around the world.  By setting up a Danish R&D center specialized in headphones and headsets development, ADDASOUND got its premier access to the world’s most advanced acoustics technology. Earlier in 2013, ADDASOUND established another R&D center in Silicon Valley in the USA.

“Our goal is to develop top quality headset solutions with Denmark’s leading technology and China’s production capability through establishing a Danish sound R&D department and investment in production facilities” says the management team of ADDASOUND

In order to provide good solutions for call centers and offices, ADDASOUND is developing a global network in sales and distribution.

R&D Center and Headquarter
The core technology centre of research and development is located in Denmark, but ADDASOUND is working on global integration of all high qualified resources by working with many well known Universities with a strong background in acoustics.

The Danish development department was established in 2012 and consists of a group of highly specialized engineers with years of experience in the development of headsets. The Danish team gained valuable experience with the development of products for many global brands.

“We decided to place our Headquarter in Denmark, because in the international field of electro-acoustic, Denmark has been known as “the world’s largest electro-acoustic Kingdom”, where many famous enterprises and world-class high-end brands have emerged. With its elegant minimalist design and leading intelligence technology, “R & D in Denmark” and “Danish Design“ have become an absolute guarantee for success in the electro-acoustic industry” to quote the ADDASOUND’s management.

These days, the first batch of headsets is being delivered from ADDASOUND’s production base. With a wide range of user experience and satisfaction at the pilot stage, the management believes that the products will raise a few eyebrows in the industry when they are first presented to the general public on 3 October at the development office in Nibe, near the city of Aalborg, Denmark.

“Our developers have made significant technical progress and we look forward to launching a series of products which clearly stand out from the competition, not only because of our state-of-the-art noise cancelling technology which we have combined with excellent sound quality. For instance, our flagship model ’Crystal 2852’ is the world’s first wired Dual-mic noise cancelling headset, which includes the most advanced chip of its kind. In addition, the Nordic style used in the headset design is in a league of its own. To use a slightly solemn expression, you could say that we are combining outer design simplicity with inner technological complexity, as the management proudly puts it.

ADDASOUND’s objective is to continue the development of its professional headset solutions on an ongoing basis. For that reason, they did not just establish a development office in Denmark, but also a R&D unit in Silicon Valley, USA,where intensive work is currently underway to integrate ”the intelligent Voice Message input Terminal and Voice information Processing System” in the next generation of ADDASOUND headsets.

World premiere
ADDASOUND will launch its products with a grand reception at its main office in Denmark on 3rd of October, attended by Mr. Han Xiaodong, trade attaché from the Chinese embassy, Danish politicians, and other specially invited guests and media representatives. After the launch, the company’s headsets will be available for sale on the global market.

Facts box:
ADDASOUND is a Danish-based company which develops and markets professional headset solutions for call-centers, offices and commercial enterprises.

The head office is located in Denmark where a significant part of the product development (R&D) activities take place. With this as the basis, the company plans to build sales networks in Europe, North America, and Asia-pacific Regions.

ADDASOUND also operates R&D units in Silicon Valley, USA.

The production takes place in China.

ADDASOUND’s objective is to develop the best intelligent voice terminal solutions.

More Information: ADDASOUND.Headset.Tips

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