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OpenVox DGW1008

OpenVox DGW1008(R) with dual power inputs, enables the continued operation

OpenVox Communication Co., Ltd, a global leading provider of the best cost effective open source Asterisk® telephony hardware and VoIP Gateways, today announces to release a new digital VoIP gateway product line to the enterprise communication market with the best value guaranteed. To Ensure the system stability, the hardware comes with a redundant power supply as default configuration. Thus it will be a plus when implementing the digital gateways in the enterprise communication systems.

There are four E1/T1 Gateway models, the DGW-1001(R), DGW-1002(R), DGW-1004(R) and DGW-1008(R). There is one port on DGW-1001 supporting 30 channels most, two ports on DGW-1002 supporting 60 channels most, four ports on DGW-1004 supporting 120 channels and eight ports on DGW-1008 supporting 240 channels most. The “R” means that the device supports redundant power supply. It is developed with a wide selection of codecs and signaling protocol, including G.711A, G.711U, G.729A, G.722, G.723 and GSM.  It supports PRI protocol. With user-friendly GUI, users may easily setup their customized VoIP gateways and connect them to the existing telephone systems or simply build up a new one. Also secondary development can be completed through AMI (Asterisk Management Interface) with our digital gateways. The DGW-100XR series gateway will be 100% compatible with all kind of SIP servers, such as Asterisk, Askozia, Elastix, trixbox, 3CX, FreeSWITCH and VOS VoIP operating plattform. OpenVox T1/E1 Gateway has good processing ability and stability and we provides 1/2/4/8 T1/E1 interface for your choice.

“We’ve gained a great success in releasing our VoIP GSM gateways to the market right from the beginning of 2013. And the VoIP gateway market is much bigger than we imagine.” said Lin Miao, the CEO of OpenVox, “We received plenty of feedbacks and inquiries about new VoIP gateways supporting E1/T1 interface that’s already in our roadmap. I am excited to announce the release of our digital VoIP gateways. It will continue to satisfy our customers needs for their business communications.”

OpenVox DGW-100XR series T1/E1 Gateway is an open source asterisk-based VoIP Gateway solution for operators and call centers. It is a converged media gateway product. This kind of gateway connects traditional telephone system to IP networks and integrates VoIP PBX with PSTN seamlessly. With friendly GUI, users may easily setup their customized Gateway. Also secondary development can be completed through AMI (Asterisk Management Interface).

The new digital VoIP E1/T1 gateways will be ready for worldwide shipping now. Please contact VoIPDistri.com your Voice over IP Distributor by new OpenVox DGW-100XR PRI Digital VoIP Gateway with redundant power supplies or you can simply email at info@voipdistri.com for any enquiries.

OpenVox offer 4 models with single and redundant power:

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