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ALLO Single Board Computer (SBC)

ALLO Single Board Computer (SBC)

The ALLO SBC (Single Board Computer), a powerful plattform for a wide range of applications in areas such as: Telecom, Networking & NAS, Audio/Media, Gaming, Home Automation, Security and more…

Very affordable Quad core starting at under 40$ yet very powerful (Quad and Octo core CPUs), the ALLO SBC has what it takes to make your project work!

The ALLO SBC is the new plattform for ALLO VoIP Hardware: PBX (Asterisk™/Freeswitch™) and Network Security products such as ALLO: STM (SIP Threat Manager), UTM (United Threat Manager), SBC (Session Border Controller).

More and more Open Source Projects join forces with ALLO and offer their software solution for ALLO platform. With over a decade of embedding experience, the ALLO team is constantly porting new and exciting software opening the door to yet more applications.

VoIPDistri.com exclusivity ALLO Distributor since 2010
More Information, so please visit www.allovoip.de, www.voipdistri.co.uk or shop.voipdistri.com

Head-quartered in Germany, and with offices in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Netherland, Belgium, Luxemburg and more. VoIPDistri.com specializes in VoIP infrastructure and supplying telephony products such as ALCATEL, Atcom, Gigaset, Snom, Yealink, Grandstream, Tiptel IP phones or Askozia, Elastix, GOAKE, Yeastar Asterisk based IP-PBX. In 2010, VoIPDistri.com was appointed the Exclusive Distributor for ALLO in Germany. They also are the authorized reseller for well-known brands such as ADD-COM, Jabra, Plantronics and VXi Headsets.

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