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New snom M700 DECT base station enables seamless handover, supports up to 200 M65 DECT cordless handsets, 40 base stations and 100 repeaters on the same network

New snom M700 DECT base station enables seamless handover, supports up to 200 M65 DECT cordless handsets, 40 base stations and 100 repeaters on the same network

snom technology AG, a leading developer of IP desktop business phones, today announced a new lineup of IP-based cordless DECT products delivering major improvements in coverage, reliability and features.

The new snom M65 IP DECT phone, M700 multi-cell base station and the M5 DECT repeater are the first of a new wave of innovative communications products that snom will bring to market in the coming months.

snom is already on the leading edge of SIP-based desktop phone development, with a full complement of feature-rich, affordable endpoints for every business need. Now it is broadening its reach to satisfy the millions of business users requiring on-site mobility.

The M65 handset combines business communications functionality with the intuitive features offered by mobile carriers. It is ideal for businesses that require mobile coverage across several floors or throughout large buildings.

The new generation of snom DECT phones integrates seamlessly with existing phone systems for presence, paging and other capabilities, and is far less expensive and offer better call quality than cellular phones.

The new snom M700 multi-cell base station delivers expanded coverage over several floors or throughout large buildings. It links multiple M700 base stations together to form a network enabling free movement and seamless handover between base stations for uninterrupted calls while moving from one base station to the next.

The M700, which can be used in single cell or multi-cell configuration, supports up to 200 handsets, 40 base stations and 100 repeaters in the same installation.

The M65 phone has a two-inch backlit color display and a backlit keypad for dialing in poor lighting conditions. Other features include wideband audio (including speakerphone) for the crispest voice quality, six polyphonic ringtones and vibration setting for incoming calls.

Dual internal antennas ensure reliable reception, with talk time of up to 17 hours between charges. When used with the new snom M700 base station, the M65 features voicemail, call forwarding, call lists, caller ID, direct search in a corporate directory, 3-way conferencing, auto answer, two simultaneous calls and many other capabilities.

The cordless DECT phone offers expanded range and is operational up to about 130 feet beyond its base station in a typical office environment. Shop floors can expect range of about 195 feet and about 300 feet for production areas, without obstacles.

“Our M65 DECT phone and M700 base station represents a new generation of feature-rich mobility for business users,” said Tom Ostrander, Director of North American Channel Sales. “These new products offer expanded range, and more features and flexibility for administrators to easily increase the number of users while maintaining performance.”

DECT phones offer a multitude of benefits for business users and administrators including: large coverage area, low cost; high capacity; very high security and call quality.

These benefits are applicable to businesses of any size.

Base stations, which are an integral part of DECT infrastructure and cordless VoIP communications, support HD audio and synchronize themselves – no additional hardware necessary.

The new snom M5 repeater, which includes DECT encryption, increases reception range and bridges any gaps between base stations, ensuring the continuity of calls and eliminating blind spots.

The snom M65 DECT phone and M700 base station are interoperable with all major VoIP systems.

The M65 phone and the M700 base station will be available in mid-October, 2014. The M5 repeater will be available later this year.

Along with the new DECT products, snom also unveiled today a new modernized, streamlined corporate logo that better reflects our product portfolio.

snom’s new DECT lineup gives business users – whether in an office building, conference hall or production facility – the flexibility to be more mobile, which, in today’s environment, is an absolute requirement.

To learn more about snom’s channel activities in the Americas, go to www.snomchannel.com; follow us on Twitter; like us on Facebook; join our LinkedIn group; or add us on Google+.

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