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ITS Telecom Pancode VoIP/Pantel VoIP

ITS Telecom Pancode VoIP/Pantel VoIP

The Pancode VoIP and Pantel VoIP are smart wall-mounted access control door phones connected to a local Voice Over IP (VoIP) network of a VoIP PBX, allowing door entry control. They  are available for outdoor/indoor installation in an aluminum unit with a piezo keypad or single call button with worldwide first touch surface button at Aluminum housing. As an option, these units can be equipped with an internal black & white or color high-quality pinhole camera.

Easy Installation
The Pancode VoIP/Pantel VoIP unit is connected to the VoIP PBX as a SIP extension or via any IP router (Network HUB, Switch etc). The unit powers the door lock, provided it is powered by an external supply and not PoE.

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