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Askozia 4.0 releasedAskozia proud to announce that AskoziaPBX 4.0 is now available! One of the main topics of this release is security, with a focus on two areas: The overall security of AskoziaPBX, to protect installations that are on the internet or directly connected to it. To achieve this, we have included a firewall and an automatic brute force detection. Askozia second goal was to make phone calls more secure. Version 4.0 includes state of the art call encryption to keep your phone calls private.

As usual, all new security features don’t require any expert knowledge and just a handful of clicks to be fully functional.

Finally, Askozia like to thank you. Many of the new features and improvements are based on feedback from you. Thank you for helping us making better software!

    • Built-in Firewall
      Maximum protection of AskoziaPBX installations with a built-in firewall and intelligent brute force detection with Fail2ban.
    • Encrypted Phone Calls
      Encrypted communication with SecureSIP and SRTP in an amazingly simple way. Secure Calling is supported for all officially supported desk phones.
    • Dashboard and Improved Usability
      One dozen new features, a polished web interface and a dashboard with direct access to all important system components.
    • New Call Flow Editor Modules
      A calendar module and an enhanced playback module with external access complete the most popular of our software addons.
    • Widened hardware and VM support
      A brand new Linux kernel for a massively increased hardware support and improved performance. Enhanced support for Hyper-V and VMware virtualization environments.
    • Live USB Image
      A USB bootable firmware image with every PC/Server download for easy installation on dedicated hardware without optical drives.
    • Go 4.0 today!
      Unlimited users and voice channelsStarting from
      €149.00 + VAT, if applicable


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