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ZYCOO iSpeaker C20

ZYCOO iSpeaker C20

The SIP based audio system iSpeaker C20 utilizes the built-in intercom and paging capability already inherent in most modern IPPBX systems and enhances this to improve end user experience by providing a dedicated high performance digital amplifier on which to broadcast announcements or play background music.

It is an ideal solution to deploy in all types of environments including schools, offices, airports, and other public spaces. For additional functionality, an IP video camera can be configured to connect to iSpeaker C20 and the resulting high definition images are transmitted to monitors located in assigned rooms.

The SIP based, ZYCOO iSpeaker C20 is compatible with any brand of SIP Phones so an announcement via iSpeaker C20 can easily be effected by initiating a call from a SIP phones via its handset , headset or handsfree mode.

The new ZYCOO family member will hopefully bring SMBs a wonderful communication experience.

The ZYCOO iSpeaker C20 it’s in spring 2015 by VoIPDistri.com in Europe by the German Voice over IP Distributor available.

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