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Dinstar SIMbank with 64 SIM card slot and DWG2000F-16G GSM VoIP Gateway with 16 GSM Channels

Dinstar SIMbank with 64 SIM card slot and DWG2000F-16G GSM VoIP Gateway with 16 GSM Channels

VoIPDistri.com – Leading Distributor of VoIP Telephony sales unique cloud based management system (DMS) which cover all VoIP GSM Gateway products of DINSTAR, the DMS support Open API for 3rdparty application, the new Amarrelo SMS4Business 3rdparty software editor for corporate SMS usage. SMS4Business delivers a set of specific solutions around SMS for informing, alerting or coordinating groups of people.

Dinstar are a cost-effective SIP/GSM gateway for SOHO, SMEs, service provider and system integrators. The Dinstar GSM/VoIP gateways allow a SIP based IP PBX telephone system or VoIP line to be connected directly to the GSM cellular network, which can dramatically lower the cost of mobile calls by taking advantage of lower mobile-to-mobile tariffs. The DWG gateways are Quad-band GSM VoIP gateway that support 1-32 GSM channels / SIM cards. The DWG gateways are fully compatible with Asterisk® based IP PBXs like Elastix®, trixbox®, and AsteriskNOW®, as well as other Open Source and proprietary SIP based IP PBXs, Switch, IVR, and VoIP gateway applications.

Dinstar DWG2000E/F/G series GSM/CDMA VoIP Gateway released. Compare to old DWG2000B/C/D series product, DWG2000E/F/G series has great improvement not only in software features but also in new hardware structure design. It is fully compatible with Dinstar SIMCloud/SIMbank solution and easy to use. Moreover, with built-in 4–1 antenna power divider which is saving space and more easier to install and maintain.

SIM Cloud is centralized SIM card management system which is based on the newest cloud communication technologies. Ready-To-Deploy, customer needn’t setup extra hardware server, and easy to start with SIM Cloud. SIM Cloud provides device management, SIM card management, human behavior simulation, real-time statistics and Open Web-Service API.


  • The DINSTAR SIMCloud can manage all DINSTAR GSM Gateway and SIMBanks put in different locations remotely.
  • The DINSTAR GSM Gateway support SIMBank, only DINSTAR GSM gateway can work with DINSTAR SIMCloud/SIMBank.
  • DINSTAR SIMCloud is based on Amazon Cloud, so you can access to all GSM Gateway or SIMBanks where you can access to internet.

You can check the demo online

http://demo.dinstarcloud.com  admin/password : demo/demo

If you need basic version of SIMCloud, management software is for free, if you need advanced features, such as human behaviour simulation, auto recharge, etc, need buy license. For more information contact us by email: info@voipdistri.com

Download DINSTAR SIMBank, datasheet/usermanual


Amarrelo SMS4Business SMS Manager application Dinstar add-on Software for GSM Gateway capacity
The SMS Manager is a software tool installed on the user’s workstation. It allows the user to control their SMS and one or more users can be deployed. They can share data and consequently, there is no need to import contacts from the database more than once.

SMS Manager Functions

  • Sending SMS
  • Users management
  • Receiving SMS
  • Administration
  • Pre-requisites for PC

The best feature reach SMS campaigner for Dinstar Gateways
Telephone, post, e-mails … add SMS to your information management system

DINSTAR specialize in VoIP gateways for 12 years, R&D team come from Huawei NGN in 2002. Now DINSTAR have more than 150 specialists, most of them coming from top-rank global telecommunication enterprises, who have dedicated themselves to VoIP, unified communication and wireless mobile network. Dinstar has the most complete VOIP gateway products line in China, which covered GSM/CDMA/LTE Wireless Gateway, E1/T1 Trunk Gateway, FXS/FXO Analog Gateway, SIMBANK and SIMCLOUD system. Through DINSTAR increasing innovation ability, excellent user experience, high performance-price ratio and tailored OEM/ODM service, Dinstar products and services have been widely deployed and recognized by telecom operators, system integrators, and enterprises around the world. With company culture of Honesty, Concentration, Innovation and Open-mind, DINSTAR staffs gather and unify tightly as a team, aim to establish win-win relationships with DINSTAR customers. In the future, Dinstar will continuously create values for our customers through our technology innovation and services, and keep the entrepreneurial and innovation spirit to build global brand of intelligent communication.

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About Amarrelo
Amarrelo is a software editor for corporate SMS usage. SMS4Business is distributed through a partner network. It represents an interesting alternative to pure cloud based solutions. Names and mobile numbers are not stored on the internet, ensuring better confidentiality. Aiming at corporate market, healthcare or local authorities, SMS4Business delivers a set of specific solutions around SMS for informing, alerting or coordinating groups of people.

Hompage: www.amarrelo.com

About VOIP Distri
VoIPDistri.com – Leading Distributor of VoIP Telephony!
Due to they long established experiences in the field of Analog-, GSM-, ISDN-networks and Voice over IP VoIPDistri.com able to offer you a comprehensive service for all Voice over IP requirements and network solutions.

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