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OpenVox UCP (Unified Communication Platform)

OpenVox UCP (Unified Communication Platform)

OpenVox Communication Co., Ltd, a global leading provider of the best cost effective open source Asterisk® telephony hardware and software products, today announces innovative and affordable UCP (Unified Communication Platform) solutions for enterprises to help them to build up their telecommunication systems with a variety of options in a simple way.  The unique modular design of OpenVox UCP enables the solutions are simple to deploy, highly scalable, feature-rich and for the best value.

The OpenVox UCP is more than just a VoIP gateway or an IPPBX. It is a 2U hybrid unified communication platform with both VoIP gateway and IPPBX functions. You can simply customize your IPPBX and VoIP Gateway solutions in one box with different interface modules. The UCP supports FXS, GSM and E1 interface modules and CPU board modules. The CPU board module comes with X86 architecture and works as an independent IPPBX system, supporting both Linux and Windows. The UCP supports two independent IPPBX systems in one box. Thus one system can be set as a master IPPBX system and the other as a redundant system.  All data storage can be saved synchronously in the two systems. The UCP brings you the real all-in-one solution.

“The UCP is a cool platform to integrate hybrid telecommunication solution in one chassis. When we are talking about the UCP, we mean we are simplifying the installation steps and providing the best user experience possible.” said Lin Miao, the president of OpenVox, “The UCP will provide the enterprises of all sizes with feature-rich asterisk-based VoIP gateway and IPPBX solutions, giving customers the best in class open source technology.”

All the hardware products are fully backed up with a 3-Month “No Questions Asked” Return Policy to ensure satisfaction guarantee for all our customers. The UCP will be ready for worldwide shipping today. Please contact your sales representatives for your partner price or email us at info@voipdistri.com for any enquiries.

Family Products

Chassis and Ethernet switch adapter

GSM VoIP adapter

FXS VoIP Adapter

T1/E1/J1 Interface adapter*1

Processor adapter

*1: Interface adapter which is PCI-Express based must be used with processor adapter together.
*2: This adapter occupies 2 slots.

Download: VS-CHS-2120 Datasheet

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