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Gigaset elements IP Video camera for your Smart Home

Gigaset elements IP Video camera for your Smart Home

From mid-October, Gigaset’s “camera” feature will offer an innovative, HD-based camera for the Gigaset elements system. “camera” rounds off the system’s security offering and also opens up new uses for elements. For the first time, Gigaset will also provide additional individual options to accompany the introduction of “camera.” With “camera”, Gigaset is equipping the elements product family with a new sense of sight and closing the sensory gap by enabling visual monitoring of the home.

Equipped with the latest features, “camera” enables real-time, WLAN-based video transfer (Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n) and HD 720p video quality with up to 30 FPS. The one-megapixel 0.25-inch CMOS image sensor with automatic white balance, the 30 infrared LEDs with an illumination range of up to 15 meters and a field of view of 80° in the horizontal and 45° in the vertical deliver flawless picture quality, even in night-vision mode. Audio data, too, is of course recorded and transmitted thanks to the built-in microphone.

“For Gigaset elements users, “camera” represents major added value in the form of video data. Even while traveling elements customers can easily see now that everything is alright at home dur-ing their absence,” says Torsten Velker, Head of Home Solutions at Gigaset. “In addition, we are opening up completely new applications for the system – for example monitoring pets, keeping an eye on the kids, or indeed any situation at all where you want to take a look inside your own four walls.”

Gigaset handles the data obtained with extreme responsibly. “camera” uses the WPA2 encryption and directly transmits the data to the Gigaset elements cloud. All systems processing this data are safety checked by Gigaset and external partners. Numerous external tests, for example by the German WirtschaftsWoche magazine (issue 11, 2014), prove the high security standard of the el-ements system. ”Our customers trust is of particular importance to us,” affirms Torsten Velker. “We want to point out that our business model is founded on the sale of equipment and services, not trading our customer’s data.”

The “camera” packages
For the first time, “camera” enables users to choose additional options in the form of various pack-ages. The Freemium package, which provides basic features, is already included in “camera.” To give users an overview of the functions offered by the different packages – ‘Safety,’ ‘Smart’ and ‘Director’s Cut’ – users have the option of testing all functions in a ‘Welcome’ package for the price of €0.89 within the first three months of purchase. After this test phase, users then decide individu-ally which package they would like to subscribe to. They can choose between monthly and annual services. The monthly packages offer the greatest possible flexibility, while the annual versions are offered at a substantially reduced price. Users can buy the individual packages using in-app pur-chases billed via iTunes (iOS) or the Play Store (Google).

“We want to offer as much flexibility as possible,” says Torsten Velker. “For example – users who just want to keep an eye on their property while they are on summer holidays can sign up to a package for one or two months without tying themselves to these functions for a whole year.”

Freemium package (free for all users)

  • Direct access to “camera” via Gigaset elements app for iOS and Android smartphones
  • Live view: “camera” live stream can be viewed via the app
  • Multi-cam: users can switch between different camera views
  • Landscape view: users can display live stream from “camera” in full-screen landscape view

Safety package (€0.89/month | €8.99/year)

  • Includes all Freemium package functions
  • In case of emergency: records and stores five minutes of video in the cloud
  • Video web manager: organize videos using the web app (list, view, download, delete)

Smart package (€1.79/month | €17.99/year

  • Includes all Freemium and Safety package functions
  • Live video recording: users can record and download as many 30-second videos via the app as they like
  • Homecoming video documentation: “camera” automatically records a 30-second video whenev-er someone arrives home
  • In case of emergency: “camera” automatically records a five-minute video whenever someone opens the door without permission

Director’s cut package (€4.49/month | €44.99/year)

  • Includes all freemium, safety and smart package functions
  • XL live video recording: users can record and download unlimited videos via the app

Gigaset elements – the smart home for everyone
Gigaset elements is an intelligent, sensor- and cloud-based system for the home. It is inexpensive, can be expanded in a modular manner and is easy to install. Sensors register information and for-ward it reliably to the smartphone. Gigaset elements offers a wide range of possibilities and appli-cation areas to suit everyone – especially in the smart home arena.

The starter kit with base (base station), door (door sensor) and motion (motion sensor), in other words, the foundation for Gigaset elements, as well as siren (alarm siren) and window (window sensor), are on sale at present. “door and motion” can also be purchased as separate sensors that can be added. The Android and iOS-based app is available free of charge in iTunes and the Play Store. A concise introduction to the Gigaset elements system is offered by new tutorials, which can be viewed on the official Gigaset elements YouTube channel.

“camera” will be on sale from mid-October. The recommended retail price will be €149.99. The Gigaset elements “starter kit” (€199.99) and the “door,” “motion,” “window” and “siren” sensors are also on sale (€49.99 each).

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