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OpenVox Asterisk-based X204 Hybrid Card

OpenVox Asterisk-based X204 Hybrid Card

OpenVox Communication Co.,Ltd, a global leading provider of the best cost effective VoIP gateways and Asterisk® solutions, announced today the launch of X204 Series Hybrid Card, one of the most advanced Asterisk-based and easiest-to-use hybrid solution available.

The OpenVox X204 Hybrid Card supports all three types of telephony interfaces, integrates Analog, BRI and E1 on one single card, offers a highly flexible choice for different users. More specifically, it accesses Voice over IP world without interfaces restrictions. For example, the FXO or FXS module accesses 2 analog line via juntion box, the BRI module provides 4 simultaneous voice calls over 2 ISDN BRI line, and the E1/T1/J1 module supports standard telephony and data protocols, including Primary Rate ISDN protocol families for voice, PPP, Cisco, HDLC and Frame Relay data modes. Both line-side and trunk-side interfaces are supported.

X204 Series Card works perfectly with open source Asterisk® and enables users to take full advantages of the high performance and rich features of Asterisk®. It will be ready for worldwide shipping today. For more product details, please visit http://shop.voipdistri.com, or you can simply email us at info@voipdistri.com for any enquiries.

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iAG804 /808 /840/ 880

iAG804 /808 /840/ 880

OpenVox Communication Co.,Ltd, a global leading provider of the best cost effective VoIP gateways and Asterisk® solutions, has announced today to release a brand new series of analog gateways. With features of small size, exquisite enclosure and high performance, the iAG Analog VoIP Gateway is specially designed for saving space and maximizing cost savings which is ideal for SMBs and SOHOs.

Be different from VoxStack series, the OpenVox iAG series has no moving parts and built to last, it includes 4 models and available in 4 or 8 FXS/FXO ports. It can be configured for different country uses, provides a wide selection of codecs including G.711A,G.711U,G.729,G.722,G.723,iLBC.The OpenVox iAG analog VoIP gateway uses standard SIP protocol, includes all analog gateway features and compatible with leading IMS/NGNNGN platform, IPPBX and SIP servers.

Based on the open source Asterisk, the iAG analog gateway comes with high performance, friendly GUI and unique design, it will be ready for worldwide shipping today. For more product details, please visit http://shop.voipdistri.com, or you can simply email us at info@voipdistri.com for any enquiries.

OpenVox and the OpenVox logo are the registered trademarks of OpenVox Communication Co Ltd. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

VoIPDistri.com – Leading Distributor of VoIP Telephony!
Due to they long established experiences in the field of Analog-, GSM-, ISDN-networks and Voice over IP VoIPDistri.com able to offer you a comprehensive service for all Voice over IP requirements and network Solutions. VoIPDistri.com – Main OpenVox Distributor. VoIPDistri.com is OpenVox strategic partner since from 2009, see more at: http://shop.voipdistri.com or http://voip.world

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fanvil X6

fanvil X6

Fanvil X6 – VoIP phone designed for executives and senior managers. IP-phone Fanvil X6 help optimize workflow and intelligently distribute the working hours.

Phone has a convenient user interface and sleek design. Fanvil X6 has all the features necessary for productive work. The large color display diagonal of 3.4 inches is reflected all the information about incoming / outgoing / missed calls, and a separate LCD-BLF keys (3 sheets of 12 keys) will help obtain information about the status of the subscriber and get rid of the paper media on your phone .

Fanvil X6 is compatible with all major modern IP PBX platforms that use the SIP protocol: such as Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, Elastix, 3CX. Phone is equipped with Gigabit Ethernet ports, a connector for a headset RJ9, support PoE. Phone Fanvil X6 supports 6 SIP-accounts.

The user can adjust the volume and select the ring tone on your own. High quality communication that distinguishes Fanvil phone will not disappoint even the most demanding user.

Fanvil X6 is a great solution for people who want to find a machine that will be the center of the workplace and help make the day a comfortable and productive.

Fanvil X6 – it is the IP-phone designed for a new generation of leaders and senior managers. The main feature of Fanvil X6 is the presence of two displays. Chief among them – a bright, color with a diagonal of 3.4 inches is designed for maximum comfort with the phone and easily perform a large number of functions embedded in the device. The objective of the second display – Displays actions assigned to each of the 12, the DSS keys.

Fanvil X6 is taking orders now for delivery in Spring 2016. Please contact Fanvil Europe Partner directly: www.voipdistri.com or www.voipdistri.co.uk

Sangoma S700 IP phone

Sangoma S700 IP phone

Zero Touch installation makes phones easy to provision

Sangoma Technologies Corporation (TSX VENTURE:STC), a leading provider of hardware and software components that enable or enhance IP communications systems for both voice and data, today announced the launch of a new family of IP phones. Designed exclusively for use with FreePBX and PBXact and featuring Sangoma’s Zero Touch technology, which means they connect and operate quickly and easily, right out of the box.

The product line includes the entry-level s300, mid-range s500, and the s700 for the most demanding business environment. Each phone in the three model series features Power over Ethernet (PoE), so no power cable or outlets are required. They have full duplex speakerphones, dual Ethernet Ports, multi-way conference calling, high definition voice, and have built-in Virtual Private Network (VPN) capabilities.

“VoIP telephones can be complex to install, and manually configuring many different parameters with dozens or hundreds of extensions can take hours,” says Bill Wignall, President and CEO of Sangoma. “With Sangoma’s unique Zero Touch installation there is no complexity, since phones connect automatically with Sangoma’s PBX solutions and can be used as soon as they are plugged into the network. Zero touch provisioning saves customers significant time, frustration and money.”

When customers buy and install any of these Sangoma phones, the redirection server automatically sends the phone line to the Sangoma Private Branch eXchange (PBX) for configuration. Other vendors have redirection servers, but they have to be pre-programmed with the IP PBX.

Sangoma’s PBX solutions are available in two versions. FreePBX, an open source variant and as the PBXact brand, a commercial version. Both are available as software or can be pre-installed on telecom appliances. Only Sangoma can provide Zero Touch provisioning with FreePBX and PBXact.

Each phone also comes integrated with Sangoma EndPoint Manager Software. The software enables users to control global settings, program phone keys, map extensions to MAC addresses and templates, upload images, download new firmware, and scan the network for non-provisioned phones. Sangoma phones also feature Plug and Play deployment; native VPN for secure connections; phone and user management from the PBX control panel; and soft key functions like call flow management, queue management, presence, etc. Since the VPN client software is included with the phone, remote users can easily and securely access an office-based PBX. There’s no need for a VPN router at the remote or home office location. The system also traverses firewalls automatically.

Full Integration with Phone Apps
Once Sangoma’s phones are installed, users can control advanced features directly from the phone. There’s no need to remember feature codes. There’s also no need to log in to the PBX panel to control the feature set.

User applications include: Call Parking, Follow Me, Do Not Disturb, Conference Rooms, Call Forwarding, Time Conditions, Presence, Queues, Queue Agents, Transfer to Voice Mail, Visual Voice Mail, and Log in/out.

Other model-specific features and prices include:

  • s300, with 2 Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Accounts, dual Ethernet capability, headset compatible and an MSRP of $89 (USD).
  • s500 with 4 SIP accounts, a 3.5 inch full color display, 28 programmable soft keys, headset compatible, dual gigabit Ethernet capability and an MSRP of $149.
  • s700 featuring 6 SIP Accounts, a 4.3 inch full color display, 45 programmable soft keys, headset compatible, dual gigabit Ethernet capability and an MSRP of $229.


Accessories such as headset adapters and power supply units (for networks without PoE) are also available. All Sangoma telephones come with a 1-year warranty and extended warranties are also available.

With this new line of smart VoIP phones, Sangoma can provide all the appliances, software and functionality a business needs for a sophisticated IP and Unified Communications system.

Sangoma is taking orders now for delivery in March 2016. Please contact Sangoma Europe Partner directly: www.voipdistri.com or www.voipdistri.co.uk

About Sangoma Technologies
Sangoma (TSX VENTURES: STC) offers a range of hardware and software for voice and data IP communication systems to enterprises, SMBs, carriers, and OEMs in more than 150 countries. Sangoma’s cost effective, quick to deploy, and easy to manage offerings include FreePBX, Session Border Controllers (SBC); the market-leading Express for Skype for Business; VoIP Gateways; Call Tapping; Call Center Software; and Signaling Gateways. Sangoma also continues to lead the market in VoIP-to-PSTN interface cards. For more information visit www.sangoma.com.


OpenVox DGW-L1

OpenVox DGW-L1

OpenVox Communication Co.,Ltd, a global leading provider of the best cost effective VoIP gateways and Asterisk® solutions, has announced today to release a low-end but full-featured T1/E1 gateway, provides the most cost-effective way to connect traditional telephone system to IP networks and integrates VoIP PBX with the PSTN seamlessly.

Aim to maximize the cost savings for operators and SMBs, DGW-L1 has full functions of T1/E1 gateway with competitive price and small size. It supports R2 / SS7 / PRI protocol and be compatible with all kinds of SIP servers. Available in 1 port T1/E1, it backs up 30 concurrent calls and allows easy configuration via Web GUI.

“We have started to design DGW-L1 after we launched our first T1/E1 gateway series last year, we want to supply an alternative to the market. ” said Lin Miao the CEO of OpenVox, “Through repeated testing,  we finally make it based on a low-end solution, we anticipte that this will appeal to many customers who are aware of business expenses and product reliability in the current global VoIP market.”

The new DGW-L1 gateway will be ready for shipping worldwide from January 15th, 2016. Please contact your sales representatives for your partner price or you can simply email me at info@voipdistri.com for any enquiries.


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SIP VP-T49G Video Phone

SIP VP-T49G Video Phone

Yealink, the global leading unified communication (UC) terminal solution provider, has once again innovated in desktop communication with the introduction of the company’s flagship phone model, the SIP VP-T49G HD touch screen video phone. Designed for in-demand executives and teleworkers alike, the T49G contains Yealink’s latest telephony innovations and strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and sophistication, representing an ideal endpoint choice for desktop video collaboration.

“We are very proud of the launch of our flagship phone model T49G,” said Stone Lu. “Business demand for video collaboration is continuing to skyrocket,” he added. “Keeping future developments in mind, we designed the T49G to seamlessly integrate with user workflows and applications and we enabled it to connect across personal computers and mobile devices. Our flagship T49G features Yealink’s most advanced offerings and boasts industry’s highest level of audio and video quality.” Mr. Lu continued: “Our goal is to help our customers arrive at the revolutionary future of desktop video collaboration today, which allows them to maximize their experience and boost their productivity.”

The T49G ensures a better call experience and delivers robust features that include:

• Unparalleled Video and Voice Quality
The T49G boasts an eight-inch LCD touch screen and an advanced HD front camera that supports 1080p resolution. Yealink partners with world-renowned audio solutions suppliers to deliver a truly cutting-edge voice solution with Optima HD voice, 360-degree pickup and full duplex.

• Remarkable Video Collaboration Experience
The model supports up to five mixed audio and video conferencing extensions and is compatible with video conferencing equipment offered by today’s mainstream vendors.

• Wireless Technology and Rich Media Ports
The new model has a built-in Wi-Fi connection as well as Bluetooth functionality for hands-free use and phonebook synchronization with users’ smartphones. The phone can be connected to a monitor or laptop for a richer video experience through its HDMI connection. The built-in USB2.0 port offers multiple benefits such as local HD call recording and screenshot functionality via a USB flash drive.

• Smooth and Pleasant Operations
The Control Center and Notification Center functions offer one-button access to frequently used functions, streamlining and accelerating day-to-day use. Moreover, the full keyboard and intelligent search support simplify user input.

For more information about Yealink SIP VP-T49G, visit the landing page on Yealink’s website.

VoIPDistri.com Head-quartered in Germany, and with offices in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Netherland, Belgium, Luxemburg and more. VoIPDistri.com specializes in VoIP infrastructure and supplying telephony products such as Yealink IP phones or Asterisk based IP-PBX. In 2008, VoIPDistri.com was appointed the Distributor for Yealink in Germany. For more information please visit the company homepage: www.voipdistri.com or the Webstore shop.voipdistri.com

Polycom RealPresence Trio is the first smart hub for group collaboration that transforms the company’s iconic three-point conference phone into a voice, content-sharing and video system for any environment.

Polycom RealPresence Trio is the first smart hub for group collaboration that transforms the company’s iconic three-point conference phone into a voice, content-sharing and video system for any environment.

Polycom, Inc. (Nasdaq: PLCM) today unveiled innovative collaboration solutions at an exclusive customer event in New York focused on advancing the workplace of the future globally.

“Work” has drastically changed from a place we go to – into something that we do, irrespective of time, location and devices we use. Traditional offices and meeting rooms are giving way to open, team and mobile spaces as well as small/huddle rooms, all of which present challenges for effective collaboration. In order for collaboration and teamwork to thrive in the workplace of the future, organizations need the right tools. Globalization, productivity gains, time to market, cost control, maximizing and attracting the right talent are all fundamentals that organizations are managing on a day-to-day basis. Collaborative solutions need to be easy to use and fit into any size workspace. Polycom’s latest solutions are engineered to uniquely address these challenges with elegance and simplicity enabling customers to collaborate more effectively across a broader array of workspaces.

Polycom® RealPresence Trio™, the smart hub for all meeting spaces – Polycom RealPresence Trio is the first smart hub for group collaboration that transforms the iconic three-point conference phone into a voice, content-sharing and video system that can fit into any team environment. Meetings start quickly with one-touch integration with calendars, where the most advanced audio performance provides the clearest and richest connection in the industry.  Participants can easily pair mobile devices or laptops to the RealPresence Trio solution to share content in HD quality. Add a simple webcam and now RealPresence Trio is a full visual collaboration solution that turns any space into a high-powered work hub. Easy to deploy, RealPresence Trio technology has broad interoperability and deep integration across multiple UC platforms including Skype for Business and Microsoft Lync, BroadSoft and others.

“At Mondel?z International, we’re working to deliver better business value in everything we do and simpler, more natural collaboration across our organization is key to our success,” said Dave Diedrich, VP & Chief Tech Officer, Mondel?z International.  “Polycom’s new solutions blend innovative technology and broad collaboration tools with precisely the right human elements – just the way we want to work.”

Polycom RealPresence Trio 8800 Conference Phone (2200-66070-001) buy now online: http://shop.voipdistri.com/VoIP-Videoconference-Voice-and-Video-over-IP-H263–H264–OPUS–Video-Codec/Videoconferencing-Webcam/Audio-Conference-Systems/Polycom-RealPresence-Trio-8800-Conference-Phone–2200-66070-001.html

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Snom D375

Snom D375

Voice over IP Distribution VoIPDistri.com expanded a wide range of new functions and features with the new Snom D3 series, this starts with the Snom D375 SIP phone. VoIP phone manufacturer snom technology a leading provider of IP telephony and mobile DECT for businesses, is the world all about greater efficiency in the office everyday.

Snom trumps the new Gigabit generation with the development of the legendary Snom 300 series launches Voice over IP Distributor – VoIPDistri.com selling the new D3xx phone series (D300 / 305 / D345 / D375 and D3 keyboard extension). VoIP phone manufacturer snom technology a leading provider of Asterisk Compatible SIP terminals stands all about greater efficiency in the office everyday.

Dedicated keys provide direct access to the functions for audio and call control. Context-sensitive menus offer additional options, depending on what you need. The graphic display can be swiveled so that you can set your favorite reading angle.

When premium phone D375 a powerful Broadcom chipset is installed and provides Full HD telephony in conjunction with a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) for excellent voice quality on the handset and via the speakerphone. In addition Snom has two Gigabit Ethernet ports with VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) integration donated.

About The LED signal lamp above the display incoming calls are signaled visually. The 4.3 “large TFT color display can be swiveled so that you can set your favorite reading angle. In addition, the built-in Bluetooth interface and USB port allow the use of accessories like USB or Bluetooth headsets and Wi-Fi sticks.

When Snom D375 speaker can be switched on even during a call via the handset or headset at any time, to allow monitoring.

The flat design allows particularly comfortable dialing. Extremely practical and comfortable, the separate buttons for the ten most commonly used features, including last number redial, call forwarding, conference call and DND are (“do not disturb”), in addition, up to 12 different SIP accounts and is with the new snom D3 expansion module 18 programmable multi-function buttons for individual labeling expandable by an additional 3 keypads.

A built-in HTTPS (S) server, the Snom D375 is via a secure data connection configurable and password protected via XML browser, telephony encrypted via TLS, SIPS and SRTP protocol connection.

The new Snom D375 is now at Westphalian Voice over IP Distributor in germany – commercially available VoIPDistri.com and is ordered online via Direct Link.

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Announcing the New Yealink SIP-T40P VoIP Phone

Yealink SIP-T40P VoIP Phone

The new SIP-T40P from Yealink features high-quality audio and an easy to install VoIP phone. Yealink Yealink’s newest SIP T40P is ideal for call centers, call shop and open-plan offices with easy installation and enhanced security protocol. Three SIP lines keys, programmable dual LED buttons 802.11af Power over,  Dual Ethernet Port, offers Optima HD Voice, EHS support for wireless JPL X-400, Plantronics or Jabra DECT headset makes the phone to an affordable functional phone with high demands on design and simple, secure voice encryption, making it perfect for small to medium-sized enterprises.

All these essential features with high-end functionality and cost-effective VoIP telephony makes it easy for any business to a simple telephony. This phone is compatible with standards-based phone systems such as Asterisk 3CX, Askozia and pascom mobydick and other SIP-based hosted server.

Learn about new Yealink SIP phones by contacting VoIPDistri.com European VoIP Warehouse by phone: (49) 5201 to 730030 or email: info (at) VoIPDistri (dot) com.

VoIPdistri.com Voice over IP Warehouse is the leading specialist reseller of VoIP phones, phone systems, conference systems and network devices. We deliver to small businesses and SME companies to provide reliable VoIP and network solutions, we have everything in stock. Our trained customer service team (no call center) makes professional customer service to our entire range of telecommunications and support them in any problem.

The latest addition to the Yealink Ultra-elegant VoIP Phone range goes on sale Start and is available for purchase at the following link: http://shop.voipdistri.com/VoIP-phones-IP-DECT/SIP-Phones/Yealink/Yealink-SIP-T40P-VoIP-Phone.html

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Panasonic KX-HDV230 SIP Desk Phone

Panasonic KX-HDV230 SIP Desk Phone

Panasonic has announced the launch of a brand-new, featured-packed addition to its highly successful SIP desk phone line up.

The new KX-HDV230 SIP desk phone has been designed to bring increased versatility and usability to the small business world, while offering the cost-saving capabilities that are so critical to their success.

Easy installation, low-cost maintenance and long-lasting robust design mean the KX-HDV230 has a low Total Cost of Ownership.

Panasonic Marketing Manager for Communication Solutions, Carlos Osuna, explains, “We know that for today’s businesses, high-quality communication and faultless reliability is only part of what they need. The solutions we offer must also bring long-term cost savings as part of the deal.

“That’s why we’ve made absolutely sure that our KX-HDV230 more than delivers on all fronts. We think this makes it an extremely attractive proposition for carriers.”

The KX-HDV230’s enhanced features include six-line connection, gigabit ethernet, Power over Ethernet and 24 flexible function keys with self-labelling. It also offers an optional expansion module to increase the number of flexible keys to 224.

To deliver the clear communications professional users demand, the KX-HDV230 includes a combination of HD SONIC features, such as full duplex, acoustic full duplex, acoustic echo cancellation, and packet loss concealment, to maximise voice quality and wideband communication performance.

The KX-HDV230 will be joined in the coming months by two more models, adding even more choice to this innovative range of flexible communication solutions.

For more information on Panasonic’s range of communication solutions, please visit: http://shop.voipdistri.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=Panasonic+KX-HDV230+LCD

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