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Hanlong Technology launched a series of VOIP products based on TI C5000 DSP. Hanlong Technology integrates key VOIP and codecs technology based on powerful, ultra-low power consumption DSP platform, and develops a series of VOIP products with single chipset, including ATA,IP Phone, Gateway, etc.

 TI Design Network

TI Design Network

Regarding Hanlong Technology–The Only Third Party of Texas Instruments

Hanlong Technology has been committed to the field of VoIP products and applications’ research, development, production, sales and services.The series of Unicorn brand products of Hanlong with outstanding PPR is becoming the industry’s first choice for customers.  

Hanlong Technology was established in Nanjing in 2005 and adheres to the technological innovation, perfect product quality, and excellent services, in the industry it has been widely recognized and praised. 


Regarding TI C5000 DSP 

The TI C5000 DSP Series Products, including the C54x and C55x Series , are developed for low-power Consumption DSP market by TI, widely used in Telecom, Voice, Medical, Fingerprint Identify, LED Control, Industry, etc.  


For a long term, TI has been developing continually at the Assembly Line of C5000 DSP, popularizing the products with low-power and high-integration one by one, and the C5505, C5515 at present included.
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