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TP-Link TX-VG1530 GPON VoIP WiFi Router - All-in-One: High speed GPON ONT, NAT Router, 4-port Switch, Wireless N Access Point and VoIP Gateway in one device providing a one-stop high speed networking solution with extremely high access speed of up to 2.488Gbps downstream and 1.244Gbps upstream

TP-Link TX-VG1530 All-in-One: High speed GPON ONT, NAT Router, 4-port Switch, Wireless N Access Point and VoIP Gateway in one device providing a one-stop high speed networking solution with extremely high access speed of up to 2.488Gbps downstream and 1.244Gbps upstream

What This Product Does
TP-LINK’s N300 Wireless VoIP GPON router TX-VG1530 is a next-generation Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) integrated access device (IAD), ideal Fiber to The Home solution. It’s an incredibly robust all-in-one device allowing users to access a high-speed internet connection via its GPON port and share it wirelessly at 300Mbps wireless speeds. With its VoIP functions, users can save on phone costs using traditional land lines or VoIP telephony services with caller ID, call waiting, call holding, call forwarding, 3-way conference calls and voice mail functionality. TX-VG1530 provides a perfect terminal solution and future-oriented service supporting capabilities for FTTH deployment.
High-speed GPON Service

Compliant with the ITU-T G.984 GPON standards, TX-VG1530 supports maximum downstream rates of up to 2.5Gbps and upstream rates of up to 1.25Gbps. With this technology and four Gigabit ports, users can enjoy high-speed GPON services and bandwidth-intensive multimedia applications such as interactive gaming, video streaming and real-time audio much easier and faster than ever before.
All-in-one Device

With a GPON modem, 300Mbps wireless AP and VoIP telephony, the TX-VG1530 is everything your home or office needs to be fully connected. Users can share a high-speed wireless internet connection while holding conference calls and saving costs on long distance calls.
VoIP Calls

With 2 FXS ports, users can make or receive phone calls over the Internet simply by connecting the device to their existing telephone set. With the ability to access VoIP networks, users can deliver free communications between branch offices and client sites by making VoIP calls just as easy as dialing an extension number.

Complete Telephone Functionality
The TX-VG1530 is a fully functional telephony device supporting caller ID, call waiting, call holding, call forwarding, call restrictions, 3-way conference calls, voice activity detection and voicemail functions, ensuring that users have access to all the features that they would enjoy with traditional telephone services while providing them with better management capabilities for those features.
Versatile USB Sharing Ports

Using the TX-VG1530’s multi-functional USB port, users can share printers, files and media either throughout the network at their home or office with several different computers or even away, using the device’s FTP server functions so that you never have to part with your files. Users have the added benefit of adding voicemail functionality to their device with attached USB storage that they can access over the internet.
Easy Remote Management

TX-VG1530 supports the ONT Management and Control Interface (OMCI), which makes it easy to configure, activate and manage remotely from an Optical Line Terminal (OLT).

TP-LINK presents a new All-in-One: High speed GPON ONT, NAT Router, 4-port Switch, Wireless N Access Point and VoIP Gateway in one device providing a one-stop high speed networking solution with extremely high access speed of up to 2.488Gbps downstream and 1.244Gbps upstream at CeBIT in Hall 13 Stand H62: 16 – 20 March in Hanover.

The new TP-LINK TX-VG1530 GPON FTTH WLAN VoIP Router sales the Value-Added Distributor: VoIPDistri.com – Voice over IP Distribution

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Grandstream GVC3200 Android-based Conferencing System

Grandstream GVC3200 Android-based Conferencing System

The GVC3200 is a ground breaking video conference device, well suited for all business sizes. The device runs on the Android 4.4 operating system, with native support for open standard SIP, as well as various popular telephony & conferencing applications such as SkypeTM, Microsoft Lync®, and Google Hangouts. The embedded MCU supports up to 4-way 1080p conference, and the remotely controllable PTZ camera features a wide angle lens with 12x optical zoom. The GVC3200 fully supports advanced video and wideband audio codec such as H.264 High Profile and Opus which is used in the WebRTC standard.

Grandstream presents the new full-HD 1080P Video Conferencing Solution at CeBIT in Hanover, Germany. Customer can order Grandstream’s new Video Conference Solution by Grandstream Austria/German/Switzerland Distributor: VoIPDistri.com – Voice over IP Distribution

INCOM ICW-1000G WiFi N SIP Enterprise Phone (ex. Unidata)

INCOM ICW-1000G WiFi N SIP Enterprise Phone (ex. Unidata)

VoiPDistri.com and INCOM agree exclusive Distribution. INCOM unveils low-cost ICW-1000G wireless N IP phone, it’s the preview model of ex. UniData WPU-7800. The new ICW-1000G WLAN IP phone it’s now available on VoIPDistri.com stock.

INCOM ICW-1000G is SIP-based Wi-Fi phone with the advantage of long-lasting battery, L2-L3 quick roaming and convenient management of auto provisioning during boot up sequence.

Phone Features

  • Polyphonic MIDI Ring / Vibration ringer
  • Simultaneous bell and vibration effects
  • Hotkey for vibration and ring toggling
  • Adjustable ringing and volume levels
  • Adjustable display brightness and timeout
  • 100 call history of inbound, outbound and missed call
  • 500 phone book with 30 grouping
  • 99 speed dial
  • Phone book search and during call
  • Phonebook file synchronization via Auto Provisioning Server
  • Last number redial
  • Support to setup hotkey
  • Call time
  • Time and date
  • Volume control
  • MWI
  • Alarm/Wakeup call
  • World time (52 countries)
  • Location (52 countries)
  • Call progress tones (19 countries)
  • Calculator
  • Language :English, French, Germany, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian
  • PC-Sync
  • Ear phone
  • Speaker phone

More Information click here

About  INCOM

Furthermore INCOM had been merged and acquired Unidata system that has brilliant quality and technique and launched active marketing since 2013. We will be active partner of yours to enjoy the most advanced wireless communication technology and to create the higher productivity and value. For more information on Incom and its Wi-Fi solution, visit www.incom-phones.de

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LANCOM Wireless ePaper & iBeacon

LANCOM Wireless ePaper & iBeacon

Brick-and-mortar retail is going through rapid change. Modern radio-based applications, such as electronic shelf labels and location-based services for smartphone users, are optimizing in-store processes and laying the foundations for new business models and shopping experiences. LANCOM Systems, the leading German manufacturer of networking solutions for the commercial and public sectors, introduces a worldwide first that integrates the different radio technologies into a single infrastructure platform. The new E-series access points support classic WLAN, electronic shelf labels (ESL) and iBeacons. The benefits: Lower costs, longer service life of the electronic shelf labels, and a high degree of sustainability.

This worldwide novelty is the result of close cooperation with the Austrian ESL specialist imagotag, the developer of the wireless technology for label control.

The electronic price displays are one of the top trends in retail. According to a recent retail survey , the worldwide market for electronic shelf labels (ESL) is set to grow by an average of 18 percent annually until the year 2018. In Germany, too, retailers are increasingly adopting ESL. Large retailers are already gathering their first experience with electronic goods labels and price tags.

A particularly energy-saving radio technology that controls the electronic price labels ensures that the battery-powered displays have a long service life. Until now, operating these systems required the costly installation and operation of a dedicated infrastructure. Compounding the problem was the interference with existing wireless LAN infrastructures, since both of these technologies operate in the same frequency band (2.4 GHz). Wireless LAN is very widespread in brick-and-mortar retail. Uses include wireless stocktaking or the provision of fast Internet access to customers.

Lower costs, high investment protection
LANCOM has fine-tuned the two wireless technologies to provide interference-free parallel operation in close cooperation with ESL specialist imagotag, developer of the wireless solution for controlling the electronic shelf labels and supplier of the ESLs. Retailers benefit from a lower up-front investment, low operating costs, and a long service life of the battery-powered price tags that operate in parallel to the wireless LAN.

Integrated iBeacon technology for location-based services
Along with wireless LAN and ESL, the new LANCOM E-series access points support a third wireless technology. The integration of iBeacons enables retailers and operators of shopping malls to implement innovative location-based services, including:

  • Location-dependent push marketing: Customers in the vicinity receive special offers via app-based push messages on their smartphones.
  • Indoor navigation: Radio-controlled localization in combination with an app- or Web-based floor plan conveniently guides customers to the desired offers or shop.
  • Business intelligence: Analysis of customer walk paths helps to optimize the layout of the sales floor.

Christian Schallenberg, Member of the Management Board at LANCOM Systems: “I am convinced that electronic shelf labels and location-based services offer enormous potential for the retail sector. Just think about dynamic pricing or improved customer communications. Even today, projects like this frequently fail because of the costs or the technical hurdles. By integrating the ESL and iBeacon technologies in a single professional WLAN infrastructure, the retail sector has the unique opportunity to present themselves as innovative and quick to respond to trends, quite apart from entering into a whole new form of customer dialog. And all of this in a cost-effective, efficient and low-maintenance package.”

Dr. Michael Moosburger, founder and Managing Director of imagotag, agrees about the enormous potential for this solution: “Electronic price displays are the major future trend in retail. By combining our ESL technology with wireless LAN and iBeacons, we have jointly created a unique infrastructure solution, which offers completely new possibilities of flexible pricing and customer loyalty to the brick-and-mortar retail sector.”

Pricing and availability
The new LANCOM E-series access points are available now from specialist resellers and LANCOM Distributor VoIPDistri.com. Also available are the electronic shelf labels from imagotag as well as the central server for controlling the ESLs.

LANCOM Systems background:
LANCOM Systems GmbH is the leading German manufacturer of reliable, innovative network solutions for business customers. LANCOM’s two business units, VPN Network Connectivity and Wireless LAN, offer professional users secure, flexible infrastructure solutions for local-area and multi-site networks. The entire core product range is developed and manufactured in Germany. In addition, LANCOM also provides VPN solutions certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for the protection of particularly sensitive networks and critical infrastructures (EPCIP) against cyber attacks. LANCOM Systems headquarters is in Würselen near Aachen, Germany, and other offices are located throughout Europe. Customers include small and medium-sized enterprises, government agencies, institutions, and major corporations from Germany, Europe and increasingly worldwide. The enterprise is a partner in the Alliance for Cyber Security initiated by the BSI.

Background, imagotag:
imagotag stands for innovation and advanced technologies. The company founded by Dr. Michael Moosburger and Andreas Rössl in 2010 quickly became the leading company for electronic shelf labels (ESL) and digital signage solutions. After many years of experience in the development of software, hardware and radio technologies, the company draws on extensive expertise in the retail and logistics industries. The use of modern technologies at the point of sale is a guarantee of competitive advantage, increased customer satisfaction, as well as improvements in image and efficiency. In early 2014, imagotag entered a strategic partnership with Store Electronic System / SES Group, the global leader in Electronic Shelf Labeling (ESL).

The UniFi® VoIP Phone is part of the UniFi Enterprise System. The base model includes a 5" touchscreen* powered by Android™. The PRO model also includes Bluetooth support, Wi-Fi capability, and a video camera.

The UniFi® VoIP Phone is part of the UniFi Enterprise System. The base model includes a 5″ touchscreen* powered by Android™. The PRO model also includes Bluetooth support, Wi-Fi capability, and a video camera.

Smartphone Technology for Corporate Environments

  • Seamless user experience to enhance work productivity
  • Powered by Android™ with access to full range of apps
  • Automatic provisioning for quick deployment

Easy Integration with PBX System

Ubiquiti’s proprietary SDN software, the UniFi® Controller, readily integrates with a scalable PBX system for management of features such as call logging, auto-attendant, voicemail, and mass configuration. Such ease of use makes the UniFi VoIP Phones ideal for quick deployment in small businesses, corporate locations, schools, and hotels.

HD Touchscreen

The high-definition, multi-touch color display is designed for ease of use and quick navigation. The base or PRO model includes a 5-inch touchscreen, and the Executive model includes a 7-inch touchscreen for widescreen video applications.

Cutting-Edge Design

The UniFi® VoIP Phone features a sleek industrial design that seamlessly integrates into any office setting. The ergonomic handset features a comfortable, soft-touch grip and a conveniently located Mute button.

High-Fidelity Audio

The UniFi® VoIP Phone provides excellent sound quality for an exceptional audio calling experience.

Convenient Bluetooth Support

The PRO and Executive models feature built-in Bluetooth support for hands-free use with wireless headsets.

Versatile Wi-Fi Access

The PRO and Executive models readily connect to any compatible Wi-Fi network, so they can be used anywhere within the Wi-Fi coverage area.

Disruptive Pricing, No Fees

The UniFi® Controller software is bundled with the UniFi VoIP Phone at no extra charge – no separate software, licensing, or support fee.

Seamless Integration

UniFi® VoIP Phones integrate seamlessly into the UniFi Software Defined Networking (SDN) platform to create a highly scalable, end-to-end system of network devices across multiple locations — all controlled from a single interface.

Model Comparison

  • UVP
    5″ Touchscreen*
    5″ Touchscreen* / Camera / Bluetooth / WLAN
  • UVP-Executive
    7″ Touchscreen* / Camera / Bluetooth / WLAN / Stereo Audio

*Touchscreen measurements are diagonal.

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